Please Donate: Anything helps

Please Donate. Everyone needs a hand now and then. Please click here to to make a donation today. Thank you.

As a woman still under going transitioning, its hard to find work. Its been even worse since I had to move and care for my mom. She needs me and I have a duty as her Daughter to care for her now that she can barely walk and is in the final stages of Hepatitis C; a serious and fatal illness she contracted from a tainted blood transfusion after giving birth to either my sister or me.  But what little money we do get from donations to her do little more then pay for her prescriptions. She still works, and suffers horribly for it. I do all I can.

I ask open, loving and caring people, or anyone who just wants to help and can to please make a donation to help out. Transitioning is expensive under the best conditions, but when life throws you something like this that prevents you working as you need to save up for GRS(Gender Reassignment Surgery), sometimes all you can do is ask for help from your fellow man and put it in God’s hands. I shall post how much I have raised at the end of each week. We are marching toward the goal of $28,000.00.

I am still deciding my surgeon, but right now it is between Dr Marci Bowers or Toby Meltzer.

That number seems impossible to me, but if 28 thousand people just donated 1 single dollar, it could be done. That’s only a fraction of a large city. I hope if you have enjoyed my posts or if they have had a positive effect on your life, you will consider helping. If you don’t, well times are hard and I’ll still keep writing.

Here’s to Hope and my attempt to find Faith. Click here to donate using Paypal. Its fast, safe and secure.


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