About LiVia


My names Livia and I am a young woman (in her early 30’s) who happens to be Transsexual and living my correct gender now for 2 years. I am still not done with my journey and am looking forward to the day it will be finished. I have a very loving partner, 3 cats and 2 dogs.

In January 2011 we lost our home in Washington when my job ran out and hers closed and we were forced to separate. The distance is unbearable but the thoughts of holding her in my arms again keeps me going. I am currently living and taking care of my mother who is in the late stages of a horrid and lethal illness.

I am a kind and caring person who has suffered a hard life that I don’t speak much about. This has left me jaded and Icy, which makes friendships hard to find. I’m loving (when people get to know me), fun, outspoken, passionate and adore Autumn and Winter.

I believe in equal rights for every human being on this planet. I am Christian(non judgmental) and try very hard to practice the love and acceptance that Jesus spoke so much about. I am perplexed that so many Christians deny and hurt people like me. I believe with all my heart that Jesus loves me.

I also dabble here and there in politics when I feel it is needed but mostly I enjoy staying to myself, enjoying the company of my beloved and offering help to the community when I can.

This blog is just another way of doing that. I use the “V for Vendetta: The Movie” theme lightly because the world “V” lives in may be fantasy now, but could become reality if the People of this country don’t stand up and hold our Government accountable and demand they listen to our NEEDS as they serve US, not the other way around. The days of Career politicians should end. I advocate only peaceful protests and methods of achieving our goals as a community.

I make my home in Seattle, Washington. Its rains too much…seriously.

When I am not taking care of her or doing the daily chores, housework and job hunting, I blog here, write, play World of Warcraft and keep in shape. I’m a nerd, its true. I also try to raise money to help my mother with her medications, medical bills and Flood recovery since she was a victim of the 2010 flood that nailed the south last year. If you wish to help, please visit http://www.helpthedanielsfamily.net

and yes I do enjoy Moonlight walks along the Ocean……..and sunsets…..and Chocolate…….and ponies…..<.<


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