V for Vivid Pain

I miss you a little since you’ve been gone.

A few little memories keep hanging on.

I miss you a little. I guess you could say,

A little too much. A little to Often.

A little more everyday. – Country song.

For all the times I didn’t treat you right

For all the times I didn’t respect you

For all the times I took your love for granted

For losing site of what mattered most when fear took hold

For not being wise enough to see

Just how right you were for me

And even though I know its too late

And even though you’ve left me behind

I want you to know more than anything what I feel

Deep within my heart is real

Though I know the pain and sorrow of this loss will remain.

Close to my soul, forever in my heart, you’ll stay. – By LiVia

“No mortal and few immortals could possibly understand the love of a Unicorn.

None of them could possibly understand what kind of an unnatural thing it is for

a Unicorn to not know how to love. Love is the life of the Unicorn. To not know

how to love is to not know how to live. And in not knowing how to live, the

Unicorn, void of its essence, lies alone, in the dark weeping quietly till there is

nothing left but utter Silence.” – Passage from “Dark as Light” by Livia


~ by LiVia on May 24, 2011.

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  1. (a comforting hug to you)

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