V for Vacuous: Not all LGBT Organizations treat everyone as equals. (Also a note on Transsexual Vs Transgender)

This is something I have been considering posting for a while. In light of the intense situations growing in the country, its important to remember who our allies are and who we need to watch out for. Even though  my site has been dedicated to mostly those who are TS, I have found myself defending Gay’s and Lesbians more often then not.

Something that every person who is Transsexual or Transgender needs to keep in mind, not everyone who is LGB is our friend. Just as not every organization who claims to defend our rights actually has our best interests at heart.

Good groups are ones such as PFLAG. This group was the first to insist Gender Identity be covered on the ENDA bill. Back in 2007 when HRC(Human Rights Campaign) negated on their promise to support an “All inclusive bill” citing basically “If we get our rights first, we can then work on getting rights extended to cover Gender Identity.”, PFLAG refused to support the non-inclusive bill. A great respect is due to this Coalition of people fighting for the rights of ALL of us and not just looking out for one group.

A very interesting story is quoted below about a very sad chapter in the HRC History:

“Transgender people and allies have criticized the HRC for its stance on the 2007 version of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which enumerated sexual orientation as a protected category but not gender identity and expression.[31] Once the legislation was submitted by U.S. Representative Barney Frank, HRC officially neither opposed nor supported it.[32] This followed a speech by HRC President Joe Solomonese at the transgender Southern Comfort Conference the previous month, where he said that HRC “oppose[d] any legislation that is not absolutely inclusive.”[33] (He later claimed to have misspoken.) HRC later explained it could not actively support a non-inclusive bill, but did not oppose it because the legislation would strategically advance long-term efforts to pass a trans-inclusive ENDA.(citation needed) The strategic value of this approach was disputed within the LGBT community, and many objected to the symbolic value of excluding transgender people from the bill’s protections. HRC’s position was considered a betrayal of the transgender community by many, including HRC’s first and only openly trans board member, Donna Rose, who resigned in protest.[34] It also separated HRC from other high-profile advocacy groups for LGBT people (e.g., PFLAG, Equality Federation, National Stonewall Democrats), who worked together under the banner of United ENDA to protest the bill.[35]

LGBT activists were stunned when HRC leaders announced that it would be softening demands for equal rights and consider making political bargains, such as supporting President George W. Bush‘s plan to privatize Social Security partly in exchange for the right of same-sex partners to receive benefits under the program.[36][37]

In 2007, HRC and Logo sponsored the first presidential forum in history to discuss LGBT-related issues. Critics[who?] wondered why Democratic presidential candidate Mike Gravel had been excluded from the debate.[citation needed] Senator Gravel was later invited to the forum, where he and Dennis Kucinich were the only candidates to express unequivocal support for same-sex marriage.”

Shocking, no? Now yes we can say this happened 4 years ago and they certainly go out of their way to seem TS and TG inclusive now. But whats really going on? Can you trust a group that so plainly and blatantly excluded one of the very minorities they swore to protect. I would be curious to know how many Transsexual and Transgender folks donated to HRC up to 2007. Can  you imagine the feeling of working hard, donating precious dollars, just to be sold out?

These days HRC seems to be on the level and I am certainly not saying to boycott them or even refuse to donate to them. I simply ask for you to consider their history and keep an eye on their actions. There should be the SAME amount of work going forth to protect the Gender Identity issue as there is to protecting those whom are GLB.

Next up is GLAAD( Gay, Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation). Everything that really needs to be said about others and my own  issues with them can be found here, on this article writen by Andrea Rosenfield.

The only quote I would like to point out is this: “According to GLAAD, transsexuals are their birth-assigned sex, and it does not change.”

This group however, does do a lot of work for the community and when angry people who are TS\TG call and complain, they take action. The problem with GLAAD isn’t their lack of action for those of us who are Transsexual or Transgender, its with their thinking of what exactly IS a Transsexual.

If you read the article it, in a nutshell really strikes home to the fact that Transsexuals are NOT Transgender. This was an umbrella term because no one knew where to put us. We are not drag queens. We are not cross dressers. We are not transvestites. We are not Gender Benders. The are not “Gender variant”.

I ask, if someone is born with a defect and takes steps to cure such defect, does it still mean they are forever to be known as the person “with that defect”? Consider that now a days we have “Gene Therapy” to help people with genetic issues. We have broken down the Human Genome. We live in a world where we accept people can be born with something wrong with them. In our case however, the damage is done in the womb. There is no fixing it without surgery.

Our defect is the Y Chromosome. It made our bodies male while something else in our brain development caused us to be female. Some people don’t believe this theory. I do. In the 12-13th  week of pregnancy you are suppose to get a wash of testosterone resembling that of a teen starting puberty. This wash is what causes the chemical changes in our brain to develop with a male brain gender Identity. If you don’t get it, or get it late, it doesn’t matter. Damage done.

There is also a theory stating some Transsexual arise from Environmental or external influence. I don’t know enough about that subject to speak but I will look into it soon.

Now as babies we don’t understand gender or sexual organs or anything. The doctor looks at us, see’s male or female parts and determines our gender. In the case of a Hermaphrodite, someone born with both sexes, sometimes parents are asked to choose which sex they wish the child to be, while some parents decide to let the child grow older and decide for themselves. Some people take pride as Hermaphrodites and never change anything, but what of those people who do? Are we forever still to call them Hermaphrodites even after they make the change? Why would we?

Thankfully more and more Transsexuals are coming out early and starting on hormones before the effects of puberty take hold. They do this with consent of their family and under a doctors care following the SoCv6(Standards of Care: Version 6). They get their surgeries early and actually get to LIVE some of their youth as the correct gender. Is this person, as they grow up, a man? A man that never went through male puberty, does not contain male sex organs and has a Vagina? That’s not a man. What is a man? The Dictionary says:




a person bearing an X and Y chromosome pair in the cell nuclei and normally having a penis, scrotum, and testicles, and developing hair on the face at adolescence; a boy or man.
Please note the definition says AND and not “or”. Yes, we may have that genetic Y mutation in our cells, but what if there is no Penis? No Scrotum? No Testicles? No Facial hair? Hell I know bio women that have to shave their faces.
Is a woman without a Uterus or Ovaries any less a woman? With a nod to my dear debate partner Julie, does the lack of the desire to have children make you any less Female? I don’t think so.
If it all boils down to genetics and in our society we have proven that genetics can be wrong and even harmful when they are incorrect(Down Syndrome, Parkinsons, Huntingtons, etc. Why is it such a stress to call someone who has the Biological gender Identity of a female, possess female primary and secondary sex traits and lives in society as a female, bearing both State and Federal identifications showing them to be female and in many states, now have Birth Certificates showing them born Female, to actually be ACCEPTED as female. At the end of the journey we ARE female, just as we always knew we were and always had been. We may lack that other “X” Chromosome, but there is no way to remove it. We’re stuck with it. That alone should not, in light of everything else mentioned above, prevent us our rightful place in the Female society.That’s the Hypocrisy my friends. That is what seperates us from people who are Transgender. They are not us and we are not them. We are both special, a minority demonized because people just don’t understand us.
As transitioning women we suffer many of the hard ships natal women do. We fear for Breast Cancer. We fear for Heart Conditions. We suffer the discrimination at the work place and many times receive lower pay for the same, or better work. We both suffer Sexual Harassment. We both sometimes fear walking alone on dark nights. We sometimes fear being preyed upon. We all strive for equality and we all burn with a passion that only a woman could know. In fact, if no one told you our past, you might never even know our beginnings.

To me and several other documented cases, being Transsexual is a journey. Its a long and trying path that we hope to eventually end by living as the sex we were born to be, as our brain, mind, spirit and soul dictate to us. NO ONE has the right to tell us how we feel in those area’s. To me, once that journey is complete, its done. At that point I am no long “Trans” anything. Observe the following:


 1. a prefix occurring in loanwords from Latin ( transcend; transfix ); on this model, used with the meanings “across,” “beyond,” “through,” “changing thoroughly,” “transverse,”[…]

For someone who has finished their journey from MtF or FtM, “Transsexual” no long applies and thus really has no place in the community unless they desire to still fight the good fight for equality, but then they do it as a MAN or a WOMAN, not a TRANS Man or a TRANS woman. For those of us that are Gay, Lesbian or Bi-sexual, then yes, the community is still for us, but for different meaning.

I want you all to read those articles and really reflect on what they mean to you. Be careful whom you give your money too and make sure that they support the same ideals as you. Everyone deserves equal rights, Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Transgender and Transsexual. Those Questioning need to have the freedom to express and explore those feelings as well. Regardless of who you are, speak up. Change is happening and if you don’t say something or do something now, it will be the next generation who suffers for it.

Freedom. Equality. For Everyone. Forever.



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  1. You just keep hitting those home runs. Loved it. Great that you went into detail in explaining a lot of these facts that I’m sure a lot of people didn’t know about. Some of those I didn’t know about. Thanks for another great post.

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