V for Vilifier: Wisconsin Governor Walker

So, after I put myself back together from a near blinding crisis, I decided to write about something that just simply needs to be said.

First: The Governor of Wisconsin needs to resign. Now. What he is doing in his state is not unlike what is happening in Tennessee and other states. In places we have actually made progress they look to set us back. Read the follow from the Washington Post. You can read the article here if you haven’t already.

“The Attorney General has said he believes that this legislation is unconstitutional.” said Cullen Werwie, a spokesman for Walker. “We don’t believe it is in the best interest of the state and its taxpayers to spend additional time and resources defending the legislation.”

About 1,700 gay couples have registered since the law took effect in August 2009, said Katie Belanger, executive director of Fair Wisconsin, a Madison-based gay rights advocacy organization.

Okay so you have a vote and the people say in Wisconsin “We don’t believe Gay and Trans people are equal to us. We think they are less, so you can’t marry. But whats truly amazing about this state is not only did they out law gay marriage, they outlawed anything LIKE gay marriage.Now the 14th Amendment tells us:

All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

Where is the equal protection here? Where are the rights of those people? Do we forget the past so easily? Did we forget at one point African Americans in the south were not given equal protection and what laws did protect them, Rogue Governors and Police didn’t enforce them? How can ANY person in these United States consider denying any Red blooded American our rights?

Personally, I say Boycott Wisconsin, their Sports, Their Cheese and any other thing that comes out of that state.

So, finally they decide on a “Gay Registry”. Now to me that sounds an awful lot like something Criminals have to sign up for. Its terrible. If there was any plainer case of the “less than” treatment, its here. At least some states try to hide it with their “Separate but Equal” Civil unions, but not Wisconsin. No, Sir.

So, you sign up for this thing that is suppose to let you see your partner in the Hospital, but since there is no check bow for “Partner” or “Registered”, only Single and Married or Family. How sad to walk in a place and be forced to say you’re your partners “Sister” of something like that just to sit by their side. But this Registry provided that protection. Hospitals refused to follow the law and now the GOVERNOR, Mr Walker has decided he is going to side step rights for ALL his people and only enforce laws he agrees with. How comforting. So, Mr Walker, if someone goes right up to a Gay person or someone who is Trans and just blows their head off, are you going to “Feel” like pursuing Murder charges, or will it be “Involuntary Manslaughter”.

You see people in the Trans community know all too well what its like to have one of our own killed in cold blood and judges refuse to call it Murder. They make up all kinds of excuses to justify circumstances. Example: There was this Trans Woman who had been having sex with some men for a long time. She was in a tight spot and was given money and such. Well this girl is Gorgeous and some of the other females who live with these guys are Jealous. They start making jokes that the Trans Woman is really a man. Well Jokes turn to curiosity, then to suspicion, suspicion turns to “Drop your pants”.

In the end, she’s killed. Murdered. An argument used was “The men were in such a state of shock discovering they had been in fact sleeping with a man( Yeah, because people who are Trans MtF are men despite having State and Federal ID’s saying different after they go so far in their transitioning. Also despite following the SoCv6 that instructs us how we have to transition and such) it was not out of the realm of possibility that a REASONABLE person would have killed the “man” due to temporary insanity.

And that’s that. She was pretty enough to fuck, but hey, she got what she deserved right? Sneaky bitch, how dare she not tell people her very personal past when all she wants to do is live as she was born to be.

Wisconsin, you’re heading in that direction. Anytime the man in charge of your state or Government tells you he will not defend laws designed to protect and grant equality to its citizens, its time for him to go. Thus, I suggest if you live there, start petitions. Start peaceful assembly and make the entire United States see just how out of touch this man is.

I read an article here about a woman who has a gay brother and sister.

I also read the remarks afterword as well. Some agreed and cheered her on while others invoked God and spoke of their lives being no harder then anyone else. I am tired of the blind leading our country. How can you justify what is happening out there? How can you debate if any American is second class? I remember Bill O’reilly once said “If we allow Gays to Marry, whats next? Will people be allowed to marry children or their pets?” How arrogant to compare the choice of two adult human beings that just happen to not share your own Sexual Orientation or maybe were born different to Bestiality or Pedophilia. There is NOTHING WRONG WITH US. How great it must be to be a white, heterosexual male in his middle ages.

At some point we must draw a line and say “No further”. We may be a Minority but we are a minority that is NOT organized or bound together. An Orchestra can make lots of noise but only when it is conducted does it make moving Music.

“People should not be afraid of their Governments. Governments should be afraid of their people” – “V” From V for Vendetta.

That is such a true quote. Without our votes they don’t have a job. Make your voice heard! Peacefully Assemble. Push boundaries but don’t give them any reason to arrest you or make us look like the enemy. Stop this madness and give them a movement so strong it will never EVER be forgot!



~ by LiVia on May 18, 2011.

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  1. WOW! Love this post. Amazing how people forget history so fast. It’s very disturbing that people like that can even become governor. I know all to well the fear of the “drop your pants” example. Truely a great post.


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