V for Ventilation: A Debate with the Word Guru”

Its 5:10 in the morning and again, nightmares and unrest prevent me from sleep. I ran across this mans post who has nick named himself, the “Word Guru”. I can tell you he deserves the title. I will be debating this article because it is a prime example of those who are “fight for us” but also “fighting against us” at the same time. This debate will not take place for another day or two. I have other projects in the works and I am simply too exhausted to write about it now. Here is the gentleman’s blog post.  Be warned. If you think MY posts are long, this one really takes the cake.

My response is posted below in my traditional color for responding.


“Wow…..just wow….I have to admit that replying to one with such immense vocabulary and the knowledge on how to use those words is a rather daunting task. There is simply too much here to respond to in this ‘Leave a reply’ section. You make some very valid points and I agree with you on some. It was amazing how I could read one paragraph and see you as a man concerned with the equal rights of others, but then in another paragraph I found myself asking “Does this guy have any idea what he is really talking about?”. I also am curious as to which LGBT groups you have been speaking with. Just because that sect may support a more lively approach, doesn’t mean we all do.
Though as a straight, white male I doubt you have much experience being oppressed, Discriminated against to the level we are and denied your basic human rights. I’ve read over your blog and I applaud your efforts to bring about Civil Unions for the LGBT community. For a man who is not gay and believes we are immoral, that’s a pretty amazing stand to take.
I do take personal offense that you imply most of those in our movement “lack common sense”. I believe your words were ‘In addition, gays…have a significant lack of knowledge with politics, law, history, and common sense that renders them difficult to reason with or enlighten them to the truth[..]. Really now? These words more make you seem arrogant and egotistical then anything else. I suggest you take a look at some of the people who are gay and then speak of our mental inabilities to be enlightened. However, again I will not debate you here. Instead I am going to take this argument and present it to my readers as I go through paragraph by paragraph and analyze your story. You asked for readers to comment so that you may gain information or perhaps a form of enlightenment. I intend to deliver. I do not know if I am on your level (seeing how I lack common sense and all) to give you a fair debate Sir, but I will give it my best shot.



~ by LiVia on May 11, 2011.

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  1. For you followers of LiVia, I will reproduce my reply email to her:

    Hello LiVia,

    I greatly appreciate your courtesy of taking the time to comment on my work. Furthermore, thank you for some favorable remarks and especially for the valued criticism. If at least 25% of the gays I have had interaction with were as respectful and level-headed as you, I would never have employed verbiage in the article that led you to assume that I am tainted with arrogance. If you knew me, you would never classify me as such.

    The unfortunate truth is that only about 5 out of over a hundred gays in the last year that I have engaged in dialogue have had the courtesy to be civil and respectful. I know you might find it hard to believe how nasty most of them have been, but at times, I have felt like giving up attempting to bring a ray of common sense and smart thinking into that group because of their blind and abrasive obstinance. So, it is with great pleasure that I write to you in hopes that with some dialogue we can make some positive impact for all involved in this increasingly thickening political and social morass.

    I understand that my use of words can be a pretty damned sharp edged sword and I have, over the years, struggled diligently to learn wise and compassionate use of them, but many times I must, as a consequence of situations I face, say exactly what paints the accurate portrait no matter how brutal it may be to the reader. This is often necessary to jar loose the crust that gathers and binds people’s minds when they get far too buried in a cause which blinds them to reality. Several times in the past it took some knife-prick-type insults for me to see the light on some subject or bad habit I happened to fall into.

    I do not carry on my quest for any reason other than to preserve America from any destructive threat whether it is immorality, Islamic subversion, political chicanery, or the oppressive thumb screws of the wayward church system. Church people have this delusion that we live in a theocracy lost and are pushing to restore it, but they need a stiff whack in the head to blow that idiocy out of their ideology. They also, more often than not, lack a necessary measure of common sense as they march in robotic lockstep with their misguided possessive leadership. These points will be added to my blog you read to introduce a more balanced critique of the players on the field. In addition, yes, there is a hoped for auxiliary result of my work and that is at some point someone will value my work enough to employ my services for some of that famous American capitalistic monetary gain.

    And bytheway, I am not sure when you read my blog, but I placed a revised, enhanced version on the site at about 8 AM EST. Moreover, I will be revising it again tonight with what you said in mind to try to soften where I can and still remain true to my nature. Also, I have a few more ideas to incorporate.

    OK, well, that’s enough for now. Write again, I am looking forward to it.

    Best regards,
    Jerry Clifford, the Word Guru Added content below:

    Please don’t assume that as a straight male I have not encountered hatreds and discrimination of which I am very familiar and which is partial motivation for my work to assist gays to obtain rights, for all American citizens have the right to respect and courtesy in consideration of their declaration of independence vision of the pursuit of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

  2. Sir, I have decided to not pick apart your statement but instead I will simple state how I feel on the subject. The post is “V Versus: Word Guru

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