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Below you will find the comments of a lady named Stephanie from the vile and hate filled Exministries Blog post against the “It gets better project” and the founder Dan Savage. In order to really know whats going on I suggest starting from the beginning with ‘V for Vendetta: V and the LGBT Community[…]’

This time I didn’t even try to respond because my last response was rejected. Please note that still, as of this day, I have received no direct assault against myself or the “It gets better project” in relation to these posts. All replies and emails have been respectful but passionate.

Stephanie says:

“if you are a Christian you can’t possibly agree with homosexuality. The Bible says God is disgusted by it, so are you going to side with your emotions or Christ? Besides that, studies have proven that there are many medical dangers of homosexual behavior i.e., increased chance of std’s, shortened life span, mental disorders, physical injury, etc.. I just buried my 22 year old homosexual cousin who died from aids from this lifestyle. No matter how many ways people try to find to make this right, it’s still going to be wrong and these homosexuals are going to still feel lonely, depressed, and empty because homosexualty goes against nature and the will of God for marriage.”

In respect, these are her personal views. I was very sorry to hear of her Cousins passing. The death of another human being from a deadly illness should make everyone pause for a moment and offer a quick prayer to whom you believe in or if you do not believe in a higher power, take a moment to reflect the loss on humanity.

I cannot argue that there is not an increased risk of STD’s and HIV within our community. These facts are well acknowledged by professionals in our community. It can be argued that one primary reason it is so high in our community is because of how uninformed and the misinformation given out about HIV to everyone during the 80’s and 90’s that it spread this illness so fast around the world. So yes, the older generation of the LGBT community may indeed seem to have a much shorter life span. {I would like to interject that the African population is being devastated by this epidemic, yet according to various studies and media reports, this is based on the high amounts of Rape and babies born with HIV. I don’t think anyone would believe that Africa has so many cases because most of them are gay. To my knowledge, they aren’t.} But the world turns and technology improve. Cures and vaccines are created and even though we cannot kill HIV now, we can stop it dead in its tracks.

The bible states that God rejoices in love. I have no clue what God will say to me, or to Stephanie here or to any straight or LGBTTQQ person out there. What I do know is that I don’t believe our loneliness, depressions and feelings of emptiness are due to “Homosexuality going against the will of God for Marriage”. Instead I think these are feelings when a typical social race (Humans) are denied that social interaction because we are deemed “lower”, “Unclean”, “Different”, “Sick”, etc. I challenge any man, gay or straight to tell me he honestly they enjoy being insulted, oppressed, denied their equal rights as promised to us by the Constitution for EVERY man, and often times physically hurt or Mentally abused.

See the end of that quote “will of God for marriage” speaks more to me about the main reason religious figures don’t want us to marry. They consider it ‘theirs’, Holy, ‘Holy Bonds of Matrimony’. You know what? Maybe their right. But if you’re going to enforce this move you have to be consistent and deny marriage to every non-believer, not just those of us that are in the LGBT Community.

What about me? I’m Transsexual. I’m also Bi-sexual because I am still trying to figure things out as my transitioning continues. No, I do not engage with sex of both men and woman on this search. I don’t play both sides of the fence at the same time. I have been devoted to my partner for 4 years now, as she has to me. But I would be a liar if I said I didn’t have feelings or passions toward the opposite sex(Men.)

I’m Christian, perhaps not in the way you agree. Hell, some people do not consider Mormons Christian or Catholics Christians. The foundation of “if you are Christian” is: Do you believe in God? Do you believe that Jesus was the son of God and man and died for our sins on the Cross, giving us forgiveness and redemption. Do you believe in the Holy Trinity(Father, Son, Holy Spirit)? Do you try to live a Godly life style as you believe God wishes.

If the answers to these questions is “Yes”, you are grounded in the beliefs of the Christian faith. I ask you, anyone, who are you to tell me that I am not worthy to Marry though I am Christian and Marriage, as you claim, is a Christian institution? How DARE you rob me of that simply because I’m Trans and Bi. Even IF you think I’m a sinner, are you not one as well? Is it not said that every man sins and falls short to the Glory of God? Yet YOU Marry, despite also being sinful.

Sin is Sin. In Gods eyes, stealing is the same as Murder. It is sin. Each can be forgiven if you ask and are sincere. You can’t go out and do evil with the thought of ‘its okay, God will forgive me later’. God tells us not to tempt him or test him. So, I ask yet again, where is your argument? If you think us sinners, WE’RE ALL SINNERS, Thus moot point. You allow people not of the faith to marry so again, your argument MOOT POINT.

Finally, Ms. Stephanie says she believes Gay sex is unnatural. Well my friends in the LGBT community, I think she’s right. And if we really are honest with ourselves, you know its right too. Our bodies are design to match with a man and woman like a puzzle. Women have a Vagina which is meant to receive the Male Penis. This primarily is for reproduction. Thus, since we can bear no children in our coupling (for no other reason then we just don’t have the parts in same sex unions) and since we do engage in sex in ways nature may not have intended, I yield to her point.

However, its not about how we show our physical love for each other. Many Heterosexual people engage in this ‘unnatural’ sex as well. Anal, Blow Jobs, Water sports, Facials, gang bangs, the list goes on. In reality, natural sex is kinda boring…..<.<. Because of this, they too can bear no children. Many Hetero couples do not WANT children or cannot physically have them for medical reasons. The Federal and State Government cannot make laws that say “If you marry you must have kids”. This infringes on reproductive rights and as the Supreme Court ruled, the government has no place in the bedroom. So the argument that its about Gay couples not having kids is also a MOOT POINT. This is all about Discrimination. You don’t like us. You hate us. Hate has NO PLACE in this country or with those who follow any religion of love.

Forgive me for my injection of my opinion but there it is. You have to remember I have lived on both sides of the fence, in a mans body with a woman’s mind and perspective and now in a female body with a female perspective. When people thought I was a guy I heard the stories of their sexual escapades with their wife. Some of that stuff, I would NEVER allow anyone to do that to me. Not because its unnatural but because it sounds painful and in some cases just flat out gross. And yes many Christians, maybe more then anyone knows, do these acts as well. Is it sinful? I don’t know because God never tells us how or what positions he allows us to do. He does not provide a step by step instruction manual.

Lastly my friends, to me, its not about how we show our love for each other. Humans are sexual creatures and they are going to engage in sexual acts. Be it lust or love(Which I have already discussed takes place on both sides of the fence), its going to happen not with standing some agreement between the two partners(i.e wait till marriage, things they will and won’t do, etc. I’m reminded of a programmed flirt that is spoken from the Female race of Blood Elves on World of Warcraft. “No, No, I don’t do that……but my sister will.”)

All in all its about love and being with whom we love. I do not believe for an instant that we all have control over whom we love. Nor did the first Black man to fall in love with a White woman in the 1800’s or even 1700’s America could help it. Yet he was denied, Persecuted and sometimes beaten or slain, and for what? Because he loved someone whom society(and some people argued even the bible) said it was wrong? Shameful. What about an American soldier who fall’s in love with a Muslim woman despite high tensions between Muslims and Americans? And yes, nor could you(my gay friend) help it when you first caught sight of the man of your dreams and you felt your heart stop and breath taken away. Nor the Lesbian woman who was swept off her feet by the lady of her dreams.

Even for me, I couldn’t help it when I saw the most beautiful smile I have ever seen or will ever see in my life. How her caramel skin tone outlined a Goddess and concealed one of the most loyal and loving hearts I have ever met (The other would belong to my partner today) in my life. I also couldn’t forget all the sacrifices she made and love she gave, all for me. She loved me, even though at the time she saw me as a male. She gave me her all and in return….well that’s another story.

My partner I have now loves me for me….for some reason. She is beautiful, funny, loving and just fun to be around. She has so much life and energy. I can honestly say without her I would not be the woman I am today nor would my transitioning up to this point be as successful as it was. She too, out of love has sacrificed so much, as have I.

How we express our love and what we do behind closed doors should not affect those that hate us. That is flatly between them and their Deity, if they have one at all. Making love is just that, “Making Love”. Sex is totally different to me. I make love to my partner, yet I’ve had sex in the past with other people. I know the difference.

Lastly, Ms. Stephanie I do not claim to side with my emotions and my emotions alone. Emotions would not drive me to sit in front of this computer for 3 hours everyday when I have my mother to care for, a house to maintain, shopping to do and a life to live. It is my emotion mixed with Faith, Hope and Love for a community, my community, being denied equal rights. God given rights.

I write from my heart where Jesus lives and as I write, I feel no hint of despair or wrongness in my action as I do when I am about to do something that may not sit well with God. I also write from my mind as it remembers how much I have been hurt by those who were suppose to accept, love and protect me. Note that I didn’t mention “Understand”. Sometimes you can’t understand unless you are in the shoes of the persecuted.

I have no idea what it is to be a Black Woman in America, or the strife our African American neighbors go through as they grow up and live their lives. Native Americans, African American, any minority has already walked the path of the oppressed. Now it is our turn, and like you, we will win.

“The only verdict is Contention  ;against their vendetta against us, held as a votive, not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the victimized and the virtuous” 

– LiVia


~ by LiVia on May 10, 2011.

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