V for Visit: Reply and response from a member of the Ex-ministries Church.

Visit: 14.) a chat or talk: We had a good visit on the way back from the grocery store.

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Basically this is a conversation between me and lovely woman name Keyah. I do not define her as lovely based on her ideology but she was friendly, followed her beliefs and was being informative. Above all she was polite. As you should know if you follow my blog I always post important replies here on my blog in case they don’t make it past Moderation. You can view the entire thread here.

You will have to scroll all the way down to comments made on the 8th and responded to on the 9th.

Keyah says:

LiVia although you may believe that what you are doing is fine, but the word of God states other wise. How can that be so? The professing of Christianity is so loose in this day and time. The LBGT community takes parts of the Bible that are conducive for their lifestyle. Sin is sin no matter if you are a homoesexual or heterosexual! God is not pleased with a lifestyle that is contrary to His word. I know that you have a caring heart for people or else you would not be an advocate, but the homosexual lifestyle isn’t the will of God, no matter what the world says. My Bible says let God be true and every man a liar! I am going with God!!! 1st Cor. 6:9-11 and Lev. 18:22 are just a couple of scriptures that clearly talks about this type of lifestyle, as well as other ways of sin. I will be praying for you. God Bless.

My reply is as follows.

LiVia says:

Your comment is awaiting moderation.


I want to thank you for your most polite and well written reply. My concern would be that my post here would be considered “trolling”, when in fact I just wanted to make a comment about my own view with respect to your Church’s statement about the “It gets better Project”.
I certainly understand what you mean when you say that people take parts of the bible to suit their own purpose.
I’ve seen that a lot with extremist hate groups (and even people who may mean well) who will take a single sentence from the bible, without regard to context or story behind the sentence or even who said it to whom, and use it to promote their personal feelings.
You were kind with your comment about my heart being caring, so let me return in kind by saying I don’t believe that you or several of the people commenting about this post are “bad people” or “Hateful”. You are honestly living and speak what you believe, just as I did in my post.

*sorry, had to take a break from the post. Spring is here and my allergies are acting up..ugh*

I hate to admit it, but bible school was a long time ago for me and I had to look up Lev. 18:22. It is very boldly and plainly spoken in this passage that Christians are not to lie with another man. However, this passage doesn’t hold up the argument that Homosexuality is wrong in the eyes of the Lord under all circumstance. In the Old testament (which is where Lev is located) God set forth many rules for his people to protect them from illness and other dangers.

Some of these were not to eat any animal with a cloven hoof and to not eat any sea creature that crawls on the sea floor. This was for His people’s safety because the meat from Pigs and such was toxic if not prepared correctly and bottom sea dwellers eat basically garbage and other unclean things left to fall to the ground.

I feel in this passage that He does not want this going on because at the time people we’re to reproduce and of course, my Community acknowledges we have an epidemic of STD and HIV. Thankfully, I am free of those. Back in those days there were no treatments for STD’s and I believe God was protecting his people.

Studies show, as I stated in my post on my own blog, STD’s and HIV exposure happens more in Gay Couples then Lesbian couples. I believe this is because the ability to exchange blood accidentally is greatly raised for those who engage in Anal sex(Not say all do but obviously some do). I am in no way suggesting that Anal sex is exclusive to the Homosexual population and in fact several studies show (Who does these sex studies anyway? How awkward) Hetero couples engage in this type of sex as well but take note that for those women who allow it, It raises their exposure possibilities to STD’s and HIV.

Your strongest Argument Ms. Keyah is in 1st Cor. 6:9. I won’t waste your time with a long explanation as I did above, but I will simply say this was addressed almost 60 years after Christ died. Paul is basically shaming the believers there for filing lawsuits against other believers. I actually wish that we, as believers didn’t try to harm each other almost every day. For a moment remove yourself from the LGBT argument and just look at the world. Brother is against brother and Believers are against believers. Its just sad. Anyway…

If you read just Paragraph 9 he sets out “Male Prostitutes” from female Prostitutes. In fact, female prostitutes are not even mentioned. The argument can be made that female prostitutes were more accepted or considered more the norm back in Paul’s time. But a Man shaming himself as a prostitute or as a homosexual was looked down upon. I would remember that these were the words of Paul, not God or Jesus.

Paul was a man of God, just as I think your most respected Pastor Frederick Prince Jr. is. I truly believe Paul was saying what he believed God wanted him to say and speak from his heart about truths of that time. But just as society changed from the Old Testament to the New Testament, so has it changed again. We eat meat from cloven hoofed animals. Many people love lobster, and yes, I think that even Homosexuals and people who are Trans have a place in Gods plan and are loved all the same.

Ms. Keyah I want to thank you for your reply. I honestly had no clue as to what would be said about me or even if my post would be allowed to be seen. You speak your heart and follow your beliefs. To believe in something is a wonderful and powerful thing. Even though we may disagree on some aspects, I want you to know that I respect those beliefs even though we may not share the same ones. Only God truly knows the whole story and one day all of us will stand before him.

Now at this point I decided to open up to her a bit and tell her a little about myself to put a human face on the topic. I don’t know if it mattered or not but I felt it was the right thing to do.

I would be a liar if I said I didn’t, from time to time, wonder how I will be judged. I wonder what Christ will say to me. I think many of us do, but for me, I have sinned as we all have and I have tried, Lord I have tried to repent for my sins of the past and strive to not repeat them. I feel a warmth in my heart that I know is the lord and I know and FEEL that sometimes there are things that I do which He does not approve of. I know he is with me.

I was born Transsexual. In my case it was a birth defect. In the 11th or 12th week of conception my brain did not receive the large amount of Testosterone it was suppose to get to allow my Brain gender to develop male and fit my body gender. This was not God’s fault, no more then babies born with Down Syndrome, MS or Still born’s are God’s fault. We are imperfect and sometimes our bodies make mistakes. Sadly though the DSM IV, which is a book listing mental illness, classifies me as have Gender Identity Disorder. I hate that title because I do not believe I am mentally ill. But I confide in you that I do worry sometimes if the way I was born will impact where my soul will go when I die. All I can do is try to live the best life I can, pray for guidance and follow the Bible as I believe the Lord directs me.

Peace, Hope and above all things, love for you and your family Ms Keyah. May God truly bless you and keep you.


I hope that my reply to this woman didn’t offend any gay men. I was stating honest statistics from the CDC (Which I posted yesterday) and I was very clear to state that not all Gay men have anal sex. The point was to admit our vulnerability and strife we have in our community simply because the majority of us are LGB. As I spoke on yesterday, we  have not been given a fair shake or treated the same when it comes to STD and HIV prevention as Hetero couples have. Thus we have 44% higher rates in these illnesses then our Hetero counter parts.

Anal sex is one option many gay friends I have known and people who speak openly about their sex life use. But since the Anus was not designed for that purpose, damage can be done even when precautions are taken. Semen interacts with an open wound and an STD can be passed if there was one there to begin with. Hetero couples risk the same exposure. I want to make clear that I was not attacking Gay men in anyway.

If you were offended, I ask forgiveness for the misunderstanding.

I have yet to read the other replies that have been moved to Pastor C. Lewis’ personal blog. I will write on those next.



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