V for Vocals

Nothing much here to really read, but in light of the “It gets better project”, the first verse of this song was really hitting home for those kids. All in all I adore the song. Here it is: JJ Heller: What love really means.

Just a little update, we didn’t top the 77 views we had for “V for Vision” but we did get damn close. Thank you for those who read and respond with your lovely emails and your few posts. To address one of the concerns of my readers, I don’t think this Church is Violent and I think I’ll be okay. I know speaking up has its risks, but my article was a debate, not an attack. My goal was not to provoke but to enlighten and ask the simple question of “Why do you hate us when their is enough proof in the bible that says you should at the very least, not judge us”

Though I have not received a response from them (and I doubt I will), I hope if nothing else they know that hate speech has no place in our community and if you want to speak it, go someplace else.

Oh! One more thing. I will be putting up a video on “Itgetsbetter.org” sooner then later. In the mean time I ask you keep spreading the word of the work I am doing here, linking to the site, spreading it out in Facebook and twitter, etc. With your help, we can speak more unified then ever. As always I encourage any of you to post your thoughts, even if you disagree. I am not always right and I do make errors from time to time.

Lastly, another new friend of mine spoke again about the safety risk of speaking out. So many of us get beaten, raped, or worse for stating our views. I told her a quote from “Live free or die hard”, spoke my Bruce Willis:

“Know one wants to be that guy. Trust me, if there was someone else here to do it I’d let them do it, but there isn’t so I’m going to do it.”

Many of us speak out and are getting louder. I feel my approach is something a bit different. The larger communities fight for our rights in the State and Capital buildings. We have to hold the line here until change…..REAL change can happen. I don’t mean the change of legal actions, but the change in the heart of those who hate us, so that someday at least most of us can walk down the road and not be afraid.

Enjoy the Video. Its a good one.



~ by LiVia on May 8, 2011.

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