V for Vendetta: Look for it Tomorrow

Good Evening my loyal\curious readers,

As it sits it really is the end of the news day. Many people are getting ready to go out and do there thing or perhaps sit at home with a loved one and enjoy the comforts of a well deserved day off. I didn’t read the message that this post will be about in time to actually report on it, but I can assure you this piece will be the best I have ever produced.

The Vendetta segments are all based around exactly what the word means:

Vendetta: 2.) any prolonged and bitter feud, rivalry, contention, or the like: Ex. a political vendetta.
In other words, these segments I will directing your attention to the most bigoted, Radical, Homophobic or out right Dangerous Vendetta’s against the L.G.B.T community and confronting them head on. Someone has to speak and it is my hope that you will share your own voice when these segments are posted by commenting. Our oppressors and instigators are talking loud and clear. We must respond and show them we will not be afraid of them anymore.
To speak on our own personal blogs are like speaking in our personal world. We say our peace, post and people read. They gain insight or gain nothing. But when we hold people accountable for what they say, when we draw attention to their comments of hate, when we tell them that this type of hatred will NOT go unremarked, we show that we are no longer afraid. We cannot afford to hide behind organizations and wait for them to respond. They have their hands full in legal battles and fighting for our rights on capitol hill. Individual hatred must be exposed and responded to by individuals.
What will happen? What will they do in the name of “Christ” when called out? I don’t know, but I ask you to stand beside me tomorrow as I bring these confrontational remarks to the forefront and together, ONLY TOGETHER, can we show them they may indeed speak their mind, but we WILL respond in kind when they bring such comments to our doorstep and when such comments place in jeopardy to negatively impact those of us who may be more fragile to such rants. Especially when they use “God hates you” as their argument. Those words..”God hates you”..is responsible for suicides then I think we could ever really know. God does not hate you because you are gay or Trans. I believe this with all my heart.
“[…]words will always retain their power. Words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the annunciation of truth.” – V in V for Vendetta

I had 77 people view my V for Vision post. It is my hope we double that amount with this piece. Spread the word to view this piece tomorrow in the early morning and together we can give them a written response that will never, ever be forgot.

– LiVia


~ by LiVia on May 7, 2011.

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