V for Variation: Segment 1

As I took a break from the post I will be releasing tomorrow, I ran across this persons entry. I found it an excellent opportunity to briefly explore reasons why many of those who identity as Transsexual, try to space themselves apart from those who identify as Transgender. Really I guess LGBTQQ should actually be LGBTTQQ(Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transsexual, Transgender, Queer and Questioning) Though I admit I have no idea why the word queer is in there or whom they are speaking about.

After you read the rather well written post, my response is below.

“I found this post interesting because it too “generalizes” which is the prominent argument  that you disagree with. The title “Gender 101 for trans people” even suggests that you are educating us poor uninformed trans folks of how it really is as oppose to Chaz Bono’s remarks.

It is reasons like this that Transsexuals do not like to be grouped with people who are Transgender. Its not the same thing. Cross dressers, gender benders, transvestites, trans questioning, etc are consider Transgender. What Chaz defined was a Transsexual, which to me is exactly what he said it was.
I can understand the confusion and even your distress at this interview because he really doesn’t say who he is talking about. Transgender is such a general umbrella that covers so much. Transsexual, again I think he hit it right on the head. No how far someone goes in their transitioning is up to them. If someone never gets SRS, GCS, etc I don’t feel it makes them any less Transsexual. But they still have that “mismatched” Brain\Body gender issue.
Good post, but I found it to be a bit hypocritical and generalizing in and of itself.”

– LiVia


~ by LiVia on May 7, 2011.

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  1. First post :p …Anyway. This is where I get confused see. To me, Transgender means you’ve completely changed your gender or about 80% of it. Now those that are in the cross dresser area, or who switch day to day…that to me would be a Transvestite. All in all, Transgender & Transsexual pretty much sounds like the exact same thing to me. Except one could be called slightly ‘politically correct’ since it doesn’t include the big bad mysterious s-e-x word in.

    • Transgender people do not always make the physical changes to their body. This includes cross dresser, Transvestites, Gender benders, Gender non conformist, etc. Transsexual to me is the mix matched brain. You have a brain gender of one sex but your body is different. So many who are TS take steps to make their body feel, appear and function like the gender their brain tells them they are. What are we vessels for the Soul, spirit and Brain. The body is a vehicle and I want to trade mine in for a model that better suits me. ~.^

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