V for Vigilant: Trans largely missing from “It gets better” site.

V for Vigilant segments will dedicated to observing LGBT programs that focus or outright leave out equal mention to Transgender or Transsexual Kids, Teens or adults.

There is a lot of talk of this new program “It gets better”. When I saw the video I was shocked and so happy I could hardly contain myself. It had cops that were gay, older people, men, women, seemed to include everyone, I even thought I saw someone who was TS\TG in there. Then I went to the webpage.

Yes there is mention, if you look hard enough, addressing issues with kids that are Trans but if you look at their main site or their “About” page as linked above, there is no mention of them….at all……I pray this is a mistaken, an accidental omission on their part.

We are again the Silent “T” at the end of the “LGBT” title yet again. I wrote a letter to them asking them to be more inclusive in their message for those children who are trans or questioning if they are. I will let you know when I get a reply.

I’m….disappointed. No, Disappointment isn’t the right word. Its more then that. Watching that video made me have have hope, then reading the site it was so massively supportive for anyone who is Gay and I am so proud and happy for those children and teens that now have that very public support.

But, right now, all I can ask myself is how many TS kids have to die before they get a little more direct attention? They too should know that “It gets better”. I’m simply too shocked to say anything else.

Congratulations to the LGB community for this program. I pray it saves many lives. For those Transsexual teens who are out there who may stumble upon this post, It gets better for us as well.



~ by LiVia on May 4, 2011.

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  1. Although I, in a sense, agree and definitely sympathize with why this is an issue, I think that there are plenty of inspiring trans videos, and I have actually found many of them to be the most profound.

    However, they are pretty frequently bound up in the ones with large groups of people (Like Pixar’s and Google’s). This one is probably one of my favorites.

    • Yes, I agree that we do have a presence there but as you say, it is somewhat hard to track down. Categorizing the video’s or making the ones that are addressing Kids who are TS more accessible would be a huge step in the right direction. Kids these days, especially distressed kids may not spend a lot of time searching around. I only ask that the Trans community be brought forth just as prevalent as the LBG community. As someone who grew TS, I can tell you in is a lonely lonely world.

      Thank you so much for your reply and sharing this link with me!


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