V for Valentine: Part 1

Valentine: a written or other artistic work, message, token, etc., expressing affection for something or someone: His photographic essay is a valentine to Paris.
Here is my Written work addressing Homosexual and Trans Love in regards to the question of ‘Is it “Love” or “Lust”‘?

Its 1:49 in the morning where I’m at and about an hour ago I was heading to bed. As I started to shut down my computer I saw some articles that I had not read yet. After reading them I felt compelled to write this article now, instead of my usual afternoon writing sessions.
How can anyone justify that Gay love is any different then Heterosexual love? The argument makes no sense. On one hand they argue that because there is no love there can be no marriage yet I have written before that not every Hetero couple loves each other and Divorce rates are as high as ever. So why is it that just because someone loves another who happens to be the same gender, its deemed wrong and immoral. I request anyone who can argue this to reply.
Honestly, what does it matter if gay people love, lust or both?  Straight people lust. Humans Lust. It is one of our flaws and sins. I have seen powerful religious figures with large, nation wide churches who denounce gays fall to that sin. They get caught with a Mistress and suddenly its “I have sinned! I pray forgiveness for my weakness! I am but human and fell to temptation!” But society seems to expect Homosexuals to hop from partner to partner.

Its a stereotype. Its the same as a man going out and sleeping with 7 women in a night, he’s praised by his buddies or simply ignored because “He’s a guy. Its what they do”. If a woman goes out and sleeps with 7 guys in one night, shes a slut, a whore, a tramp. Are women not allowed to enjoy sex just as much as men? Are Homosexuals not allowed to lust as Heterosexuals do? Are Homosexuals not allowed to love as Heterosexuals do?
I’m in love. I’m in love with another woman. There is NOONE who can tell me that what I feel is lust. I would not die for someone I lust over. I would not live for them either. I would not sacrifice what matters most in my life, nor would I give everything I have and am to them. I’ve looked at guys and other girls and had some spicy thoughts now and again. Hell, back 10 years ago I adored sex. I was young. I was attractive. We were two consenting adults. What business is it of the state or government to walk into my bedroom and tell me what I am doing is an act of love or an act of lust? What business is it of theirs to tell me if my love is “Worthy” of marriage.
A point that is seldom discussed is “Common Law Marriage”. It is defined as:

“Common law marriage allows persons who live together as man and wife for a sufficient time and with the intent of having an exclusive relationship akin to a marriage to have the legal rights of formally married persons. Not all states recognize common law marriages.”

So now we must outlaw marriage to older couples who can no longer produce children. Also, we must outlaw any sterile female or male from getting Married as well. Can you see how their argument makes no sense?

Love. Love is patient, Love is Kind. The entire definition for love is in the Bible. Its that same bible that so many religious lawmakers and extreme right wing activist use to berate us. Homosexuals can love just as strong, if not more strongly then Heterosexuals can. Why do I say ‘if not more strongly’? Because fighting for something you believe in, fighting for your right to marry someone you love can build strength.

When the first Black man wanted to marry a white woman, it was considered wrong and immoral. The races should not mix, they said. It was illegal.

“Interracial marriages were forbidden in many states, until the Supreme Court ruled that those laws were unconstitutional by way of “Loving vs. Virginia.” The Lovings were an interracial couple who were jailed for being married. They were released but told they couldn’t live in Virginia. They sued and won.”


“Mulatto America”

It was worse then illegal. Many people died because they wanted to marry someone who was not their same race.

Even today, 43% of people in Mississippi say Interacial marriage should be illegal. This poll was conducted by Public Policy Polling of Raleigh, N.C.The poll, conducted between March 24 and 27, showed 76% of the respondents considered themselves somewhat or very conservative.



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