V for Vexation

I had not planned on making a post today. As I wrote only a few moments ago I am working on a project for tomorrow, however after reading this post from a gentleman, I simply felt the need to shed my own style of light on the subject.

After you read the post, please read my reply. As with many blogs, including my own, comments are moderated before release and I don’t know that mine will see the light of day. Just in case I copy and pasted it here for you to read so you know what I said.

“With respect, it seems counter productive to so vividly and publicly announce how incredible and unbelievable their “courageous” actions are, yet in the same breath mock their faith and chastise them for nothing more then being religious.

To lump this group in with the “Holy Wars” going on about the world without evidence to support this claim seems hypocritical. Gods love is mentioned because they truly seem to believe that by taking this course of action, they are examples of Gods love for all his Children. The fact it was mentioned twice seems like a typo. The way you presented yourself, be it intentionally or not seems like saying “Yeah, thanks for the support but you’re still a bunch of Hippocrates who engage in unless prayer to a God that doesn’t exist.” I derive this from your quote above which states

“For the record, I am not going to join them in prayer. I will do something only slightly less useless – publicize it on my blog.”

Also to say “and all the deity babble aside these guys have done something truly incredible.” is flat out rude to their entire reason for doing what they are doing. The deity “babble” is talking about their Faith and how they believe it is unfair for same sex couples to not be allowed to marry, based on their FAITH.

Its your blog and you are certainly able to post what you wish, however in the future I hope you give better thought on how to praise potential allies who cross mainstream at risk of scrutiny(You say they are from Kentucky). I do wish to thank you for this has given me an idea on something I need to write about on my own blog.  Look for it tomorrow: “V for Vexation”

I guess tomorrow came faster then I thought. As any reader of my blog knows, I often use links from other post from other people on news that is going on around the world or even a particular event that is going on in that persons life that could maybe, just maybe help someone else who is going through the same thing. These posts are always public.

Many people who are LGBT actually do have a faith or believe in some greater being then themselves. I have seen it quoted many times that “Jesus loves us all”. “God has no problem with gays”. “We are all Gods children”. The list goes on. These are words from others in the community, not me. I have made an argument against the religious hypocrisy of not allowing Gays to marry yet allowing Paganist, Atheists, Agnostics, etc marry. If the reason for denying the same sex marriages is based on Marriage being a “Godly” affair(Holy Matrimony), then it should be across the board and denied to any non Christian\Catholic.

But even couples who ARE Christian are denied the right to marry. When I see a Church, in the south no less, stand up for our side even in the smallest way, I rejoice in their resolve and ability to see the unfairness of it all. Unless this church has done something that strongly shows that this specific church has done something offensive to the cause or our beliefs, I find alienating and Vexing a new possible ally in our fight to be at the least insulting and counterproductive.

Sometimes the enemy of my enemy is our friend. In this case, the enemy being restrictions on Gay Marriage. If religion offends you, I suggest you ponder this comment. Be ye faithful or not, we are not really at a point to turn down help that comes from a side that is usually fighting against us and is not already a church that is known to support the LGBT community. Through out history oppressed people have had to accept help from those they disagreed with in order for the common good to prevail. When gestures and action such as these come from unlikely sources, I think it should be celebrated without the Vexation.

The cycle of hate must end. Everywhere. Against all people. Do not let hate or the such take your “Inch”.



~ by LiVia on May 3, 2011.

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  1. Interesting perspective, LiVia. I have a policy not to censor comments (but of course you’d have no way of knowing that), and of course you may have already read my response to your objection.

    Firstly, I think my position has been somewhat mischaracterized in this post. If you had clicked through to the original post about the Douglass Blvd. Church, you would have read the following:

    While the gesture is symbolic, it certainly injects some measure of dissonance into the narrative that you can’t be a good Christian and support gay rights. Especially in the American South, with its deeply-entrenched conservative Christian tradition – and the mountains of bigotry that go along with that – someone taking a stand against the tide of anti-gay hatred is a rare and welcome sight indeed.

    Second, the objection to gays and lesbians being allowed to marry isn’t about marriage being “godly” – it’s about whether or not children could come from such a union. I, for the record, think that’s a bunch of poppycock – my father married my post-menopausal stepmother in the church. Marriage is about deciding to spend your life with someone – period.

    Third, I also e-mailed the church when I first read the story and offered them my support – hence why I received that reply. I am perfectly capable of recognizing that allies need encouragement; however, that doesn’t require me to ignore or give other tacit approval to ideas I find ridiculous, particularly when they land in my inbox.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    • Again, sorry to have kept you waiting. Today has been a very busy news day and last night was a very difficult one for me. I shall offer you a rare treat and actually give you a short reply. I am certain known to prattle on. Here it is:

      You are correct that Children is also a valued argument in the case against Gay Marriage. I never meant to suggest that Religion was the Only reason, but I should have stated it is one of several.

      Indeed I did not read your initial post and as I mentioned before, I praise you for your high spoken words to what they are doing. It is amazing.

      I disagree on your view on Gods Love. As with any group, there are extremists and there are those who actually practice the teachings of their Faith. To group them with people who do not follow teachings of peace and understand when they are clearly showing otherwise makes no sense to me. To them and to me, my Deity is real. I do not expect you share this belief with me. It is a choice and path each must take.

      There are points that we are and disagree on. Blogs are wonderful ways to express our opinions and I hope that you did not take my post an attack. If you did, I apologize for that. You have every right to express how you feel and think just as I do. I admire you sticking to your guns and expressing your thoughts on my own ideas in your reply to my blog. Intelligent debate and conversation are always welcome. We may agree to disagree on some fascists, but we both agree what the church did was an amazing thing.

      I am certain this is the shortest reply I have ever written. I’m proud of myself. lol


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