V for Vagrant

Definition for Vagrant: person with no permanent home and often with no means of support

Does this feel like any of you out there?

When I created this blog it was to try and support, educate, inform and Vivify the LGBT community and our supporters concerning people who are Transsexual. My hope is that you take at least ONE thing from these babbles and are able to apply it to your life. I speak a lot about That one “Inch”. Integrity.

I support calling your local congress and lawmakers, emailing them, speaking out, fighting back oppression peacefully as those who have been oppressed before you have. But what happens when there simply is no support? What happens when those in power and indeed your state will not hear your voice for yours is but a flutter in a valley filled with Butterflies? I’ll tell you what I did. I ran.

In 2007 I decided to transition and I went about it all wrong. There is a rather lovely article about coming out as TS if you visit Neutrois’ blog. Anyhow, the mistakes I made eventually left me with little support. The details of which I shall speak about later. The point is I was forced to leave my home state of Tennessee, thus becoming a Vagrant. I had one friend in the whole world who was also my loving partner. But stress and hardship at the time kept us emotionally distant which left me on my own.

Many states in the South do not listen to the Minority and have a large history of only giving in at the last possible moment. This was a major reason I was forced to run to Washington State. Here I could learn and grow largely without fear. I found work, Therapy, Doctors that specialized in treating TS patients and helping them transition the safest way possible while achieving maximum results. But this was not my home…

How strange it was that I had to leave my home of 18 years because those I loved, those I depended on and the very State itself could not accept me. If you read about LGBT violence you know it can happen anywhere, anytime and often times with no warning. Those that defend themselves sometimes end up getting arrested even though THEY were simply defending yourself. Times like these I ask you to remember that “Inch”. An inch. It’s small and it’s fragile and it’s the only thing in the world worth having. We must never lose it, or sell it, or give it away. We must never let them take it from us. – Valorie: V for Vendetta

Sometimes we have to fight. Sometimes, and so many people don’t understand this, we can either fight, or die….Literally. Our murder rate is so much higher then your average person, yet our state and government do not protect us. Why? Because we are indeed Vagrants. Vagrants in our own towns where we grew up. Vagrants in school. Vagrants in life; drifting down this road just trying to be who we are; as we were born.

Understand I would never entice anyone to violence but what I will do and promise is that should someone ever attack me violently without cause, for no reason and I cannot escape, I will fight. I will fight as if my life depended on it, because at that moment it very well may. Homeless people are so under protected. They can get beat up in broad daylight and few would stop to help. Sadly, we are like them in so many ways. We are travelers with little or no support. When crimes happen to us, many law enforcement don’t seem to care. Some of us sell our own bodies to the perverse just so we can continue to transition. Some do things even worse.

To do these things is their choice and their choice alone but don’t forget to stop and think HOW they got that way or WHY they are doing it. Remember that as you travel looking for your support and as you travel looking for a place that will help you become you, don’t let anyone take that “Inch”. No one. Not even yourself.

In closing, my final words to my fellow Vagrants’ and to those who have found your place; reach out. Tell your story if you feel it is time. Do not allow yourself to remain locked up in a prison within your own body, home or government. Be smart as you prepare for your journey and expect the worst, no help from anyone. Ever. Until the world turns this is our plight. Fighting this must be our mission. Laws protecting us, Insurance to cover costs since we are indeed in the DSM IV: Mental health book, Equal Rights for all Transsexuals and of course, Freedom. Forever.

Stand strong. Stick together. Come together. Work Together. Be Vivified!



~ by LiVia on April 30, 2011.

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