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I would like to take a break from my usual rants of equality or lack there of and give special “Shout out” to a few companies that have not only accepted LGBT people to work for them but also has promoted them, worked with them and looked past what so many other do not.

It is becoming old stock to judge any person as this decade moves along and I know several companies have included LGBT equal protection to their company polices. Today however, as summer approaches and I stand months away from starting work again, I would encourage any and all people who are LGBT or are family, friend or even sympathizers to spend your hard earned cash at the following:

Spencer Gifts – For stuff you just wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Spirit Halloween – The end all, be all home of Halloween

ToyZam – A friendly, safe and fun Christmas time Toy Store where children are allowed and indeed encouraged to play.

Red Lobster – Affordable seafood, great taste and fine service.

Bahama Breeze

Long Horn Steak House

Olive Garden – Wonderful dishes that any Italian lover is sure to enjoy.

Hershey(sp?) – What more can you so about the people who brings us Chocolate by the the truck load?

It is important to me that I not only use this blog to voice my opinions on people who are in the LGBT community and how they are treated. Nor do I wish to always write passionate speeches to stir people to action by sending letters, phone calls to lawmakers, starting your own blog, donating, etc.

Sometimes its just good to stand back and give credit where credit is due. Good Job!



~ by LiVia on April 29, 2011.

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