V for Vilified: Gay Marriage

Is Gay Marriage right or wrong? This has been a question raised many many times across the country and the general belief is that since Marriage is a “Christian” institution, Gay people may indeed have rights like marriage but may not use the term since it seems apparent that God Hates Gay’s. Gay and Lesbian couples, as well as those of us who are TS, are Vilified and determined unfit to claim such a Holy title.

Basically anyone who is gay, according to our government and many churches, is less than or not worthy of the right of marriage because God is against gay people. Or perhaps it is better to say that God is against unnatural coupling. Yet how many times has it been heard and tried and even made into law that God and Government cannot mix. I frankly believe that love is love. There are many married couples who engage in sin daily. There are those who marry for profit or lust. They may marry for a visa or to get insurance benefits.

However THIS is rarely called into question. They are the same sex and want to get married so of course they can. It is only AFTER the fact that sometimes it is discovered the marriage was a fraud. This is of course illegal. However again, at the time, simply because they were a man and a woman, it was fine.

So, I have a very simple question to ask the aggressive religion folks. You see, I am myself am Christian at my core and I see nothing wrong with gay marriage. God is a God of love. How can he hate that which he is? Then of course the next response would be that God cannot tolerate sin and he would not allow, bless, or agree with Gay people to marry. What they seem to forget is that we are ALL born in sin. Everyone. It is through grace, forgiveness, mercy and his love that we find salvation.

Some people are born gay. This is fact. How can any reasonable person argue otherwise? People are born and grow to be attracted to the opposite sex. Is it not logical to believe that our brains in their vast perplexity can grow to be attracted to the same sex? Of course. Is this sinful, I honestly cannot say for it is not for me to judge. That belongs to God and God alone. I wonder though how many children God hates because of the sinful ways they think as they grow up.

For reasons he does not know, a boy maybe 12 or so, looks at another boy and…as sometimes happens, there is attraction. Welcome to puberty. God now hates you for you are sinful. Should this child go speak of this attraction to his friends, he is teased, beat up, is wrong, different, or called names like queer or a fag. If this same boy was not gay and this event happened with a girl, God Loves you. You are normal and his friends would be accepting or engage in adolescent teasing ( Mark and Susy sittin’ in a tree). Does this example not seem totally idiotic to anyone else?

The truth is this isn’t about God at all or his love or his acceptance of who is marrying who. It is about our society and what we teach our children or what the Government allows us to teach our children in schools about this subject. Many gay or lesbian people grow up thinking they are evil or messed up or sick. But they could no more affect the way they were made and born then a child with down syndrome or CP could affect theirs. Do some people choose to be gay? Yes. Does everyone? No. We are born as we are born.

God does not physically mold every one of us. Our genetics do that. The combination of Sperm and Egg and the brutal fight between Dominant and passive genes decide this as does, upon occasion, external factors such as trauma, drinking, drugs, or other inflictions that can affect development. God, in my view, gives us a soul. The reproduction we do he set in motion from the beginning long ago. I did not CHOOSE to be Transsexual, I was born this way. How dare anyone tell me different. How dare anyone tell anyone else different?

In closing, you may remember I wished to ask a question to the hard core religious right. Here it is. If you are so upset over Gay people marrying because you believe it is ungodly, why are Atheist, Muslims, Agnostic’s, Buddhists, Scientologists, hell ANYONE who is not Christian allowed to Marry? If the defense for the aggression is allowing people who are of sin to use a Christian title, then surely those who do not follow the faith and do not believe in Jesus and do not follow the Ten Commandments…SURELY they have no right to Marry either…..right?



~ by LiVia on April 28, 2011.

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