Introducing V for Vivified

Good Evening to those reading this:

This will be a new blog and one unlike so many others. There are many voices out there screaming to be heard regarding the Transsexual community. Many are against us. Sadly, even though we are the large “T” in LGBT, even our own community sometimes shun us. Many a conservative voice speaks loudly of us as if we are freaks deserving of lesser rights then any human being. Yet some Democratic voices are too extreme and make the rest of us look like the vilified stereotypes of our oppressors.

Yes, I said Oppressors. It was no mistake either that I use the term “Transsexual”. Transgender covers a lot of ground such as cross dressers and transvestites. I cannot speak, defend, nor argue cases for any class which I do not know myself. It is not fair to those of us that are TS to be called Cross Dressers. We are not. It is not fair for those of us that are TS to be called Transvestites. We are not. This blog is for the Woman trapped in a mans body or even a man trapped in a womans body that only desires to be accepted as their true gender. Like most people our brains make us who we are. They tell us when to eat, when to drink, when to sleep. They tell us what we are attracted to and what we are not. Yes, even though in some cases being gay is a choice, most of the time even that is beyond our physical control and our brains tell us whom we desire; our Sexual Orientation.

To me, those that are TS have come to this life in two ways. The brain, while developing in the uterus did not receive that wash of testosterone that is required for a developing child that is to be male, thus the brain develops female and the body develops male. When we are born the doctors see a penis and assume male, unknown to them the baby girl who was actually born behind those innocent eyes. Or, in some cases its environmental.

Regardless of how we got here we have all come to the same place. This country singles us out. Forces us to live in fear and shame. We live in hiding and some of us who have made this terrible journey leave their past behind, some in fear of their past being discovered. This. Is. Wrong.

It wasn’t too long ago that a Black man or Woman were denied equal rights. Before them, Native Americans. Then the LGB community began to pull itself out of the oppressed and now political members across these states are coming out as being gay. Yet WE are excluded from new Civil Rights laws. WE are excluded from Military Service as if our blood…our life’s are not good enough for our country. The list goes on.

So, if you see as I see and you feel as I feel, I ask you to join this blog, follow along as we gain support around the country. Speak your mind. Be heard. Come out. Be proud and together we will show those who oppose us that we will not hide in fear. That we are equals and we WILL have our Equality as those who felt the sting of bigotry before us now have. We will speak our mind. We will confront peacefully and speak to our political leaders and we will seek change so that the next generation of those like us will not suffer. It is no longer good enough for the speeches that promise change. It is time for us to simply be allowed to live, work and love in peace.



~ by LiVia on April 27, 2011.

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